Thursday, July 24, 2008

Inspired To Launch My Website

My interaction with numerous people on Ravelry has renewed my enthusiasm to again take steps to launch my large size knit and Crochet pattern collection, so i have set my website launch date for Nov. 24. Knitsatlarge will be the name of the site, and it will feature,large size Knit and Crochet garments for the fuller figure, a collection of sweaters and accessories especially designed for each large size figure type. Then there will be a specialty section, that I think everyone will love.

I feel that the large size market, continually needs some work. All large size bodies are not created equal, it's more that just the X's (1X,2X,3X, etc.)The figure type is Key to the design of the garment.Large size garments shown on the 1X model, with no bust or the figure 8 small waisted large sized model,will not give a true picture of how the garment looks on a size 3X,large busted,thick waist individual.

I am confident, that my many many years, of designing for the fuller figure,teaching full figure classes at Stitches. Selling large size garments to large size women of all figure types at a large size boutique,will render an AWESOME. Collection.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Day of Discovery

I don't know who said that the computer is an evil place to be. When used properly,it's a wonderful place of discovery and learning. A very creative place, an information highway.
Still slowly knitting and crocheting on my projects. Had a little hick -up of computer problems. Odd that as soon as i hear about this FIRefox. My IE starts acting up, and i had to download firefox. All is working well now.
And i'm now gathering photo information, to enable me to take better photos of my work. I'm in kindergarten right now, hopefully in a couple of months i'll be in 3rd grade. OH visited someone's site today, and they had this great place to be creative.See my crazy artwork above.