Thursday, June 5, 2008

IN Honor of YOU NiKKi

I've spent the last 8 days in a very exciting CAD ( computer aided design class), designing for the Rose Royce of knitting machines, The Stoll knitting machine is manufactured in Germany. I have one more day to go, then i can start my large list of summer projects. I've also been missing my wonderful friend these last few days.Everytime i spend a lot of time with knitting, i think of her . She passed away, in what now seems many Novembers ago,because every day she is not here, it seems like years have gone by. Her name is Nikki Bronstein,she was the owner of a beautiful yarn store in Boston,we spent a lot of time knit ting and laughing and knitting and laughing. When i'm tired and think i can't go on, i feel her arm around my shoulder, and whispering bad words in my ear ( as she would often do, for shock), and I'm encouraged to press on.

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