Sunday, June 15, 2008

A New Day for The Workaddict

Relaxing, Enjoying, being social. How easy it is to forget to do all of these things. has helped me to remember that although i teach knitting and crochet all the time, it should still be my passion. I'm loving being able to connect with the various groups and people on Ravelry, what an excellent idea these people came up with. Being a moderater of my own group there satisfys my ever dying need to work,and by joining the knitalongs,crochetalongs, etc. etc. forces me to take the time to knit and crochet my own personal projects. Teaching can pull the starch out of you sometime, you feel extremely thirsty ( emotionally). Ravelry has been my tall glass of cool Raspberry Iced Tea.

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The Frizzy Hooker said...

Ravelry has changed my life as well. I love it. I am doing my second swap and can't wait for my first CAL.